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Beach sun sail set Velabog Breeze GF, special edition

Article No. VLBGS01SE-7708C
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Please note this is a special edition. The sun sail has two logo prints - one on the front and one on the back.

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Stylish carefree package for the beach
Very easy to assemble and disassemble
Friends even with strong winds
A lightweight for its size
Innovative design for maximum functionality
Developed for different installation options
Combinable with his siblings
Water resistant
All components can be individually replaced
Better as ordinary beach umbrellas, shelters and tents with much more shadow, excellent wind stability and pleasant air circulation

Info about the product
Setting up instructions

The perfect sun shelter for the beach

Generous shadow - The over 7 m² sun sail provides reliable protection from the sun and offers plenty of shadow for everyone.

Super airy - The sun sail, which is opened at least at 3 sides, ensures a pleasant time on the beach without heat build-up.

Robust and wind stable - The sun sail is very stable and stands safe also especially in strong winds, as it uses the wind.

Quickly and easily set up and taken down - The sun sail can be set up and taken down comfortably in a few minutes.

No extra tools needed - The scope of delivery includes all necessary accessories, such as Sand shovel, rubber hammer etc.

Whether with the family, friends or alone, the 7 square meter sun sail provides enough shadow for everyone. It offers enough space for at least 3 people.

High-quality materials ensure the necessary stability and safe anchoring on the beach. The rack and the sun sail are sufficiently dimensioned to withstand even strong winds.

Due to its innovative design, the sun sail can be set up in two versions. One version for no to light wind and a second version that is super stable even in strong wind.

The set can be expanded with accessories or you can just simply combine it with a second sun sail to build an even bigger sun tent.

Due to the used materials the set is very light. The included bag enables easy transport and ensures that everything is in its place.

Velabog set «Breeze GF» components

1 x Sun sail «Breeze», 100% ripstop polyester with PU coating. The sun sail legs incl. sand pockets are double reinforced. Sun sail area about 7.12 m². Dimensions without sun sail legs: 207 x 279 cm.
1 x Height adjustable telescopic pole made from glass fiber with multifunctional supporting ring made of anodized aluminum.
2 x Glass fiber cross rod with push button.
3 x Sand peg made of anodized 7A04 aluminum.Length 42 cm.
3 x 210 cm Polyester cord, Ø 3 mm, breaking strength 250 kg.
3 x Cord tensioner made of POM.
3 x Stainless steel carabiner. Dimensions 40 x 4 mm.
1 x Bag made of 100% polyester. Length 107 cm, Width 22 cm.
1 x Rubber hammer 40 mm.
1 x Plastic sand shovel. Capacity 600 ml.
1 x Set of 5 aluminum carabiners. Anodized. Dimensions 50 x 4 mm.
1 x Plastic ground anchor.

Further information

Width 207 cm. Height can be varied from 100 to 177 cm. Depth approx. 3 m (depending on the wind/sail height and type of installation option, the depth can vary).

Net weight 2419 g, shipping weight 3300 g.

Please note that short pegs are not suitable for anchoring our sun sail, as huge forces can act on the sail. It is not without reason that the length of our sand pegs is 42 cm.

One beach sun sail set Velabog Breeze GF