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Rack for the Velabog sun sail «Breeze», glass fiber

Article No. VLBGGSGF-O
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High quality material
Very good strength and rigidity
Corrosion resistant
Utility model protection

Info about the product
Glass fiber tubes made with prepreg winding technology. Glass fiber T-connector is manufactured by using compression molding technology. All wall thicknesses of the rack are 1.4 mm. The length of the telescopic pole is variable from 100 to 177 cm. The width of the built up rack is 207 cm. Multifunctional supporting ring with 6 eyelets made of anodized aluminum.
Pack size approx. 103 x 18 x 6 cm.

Net weight 750 g, shipping weight 1300 g.

Please note that short pegs are not suitable for anchoring our sun sail, as huge forces can act on the sail. It is not without reason that the length of our sand pegs is 42 cm.

Sun sail rack consisting of a telescopic pole with T-connector and two cross rods made of glas fiber.