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Sand peg, 42 cm, with accessories

Article No. VLBGSHMK-O
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Extra long - 42 cm
Very lightweight - 99 g
Safe anchoring in soft ground
Ready for anchoring the Velabog beach sun sail rack

Info about the product
Fully assembled.
Sand peg made of anodized 7A04 aluminum. Length 42 cm, width 3.6 cm, thickness 1.6 mm.
210 cm polyester cord, Ø 3 mm, 16 strands, breaking strength 250 kg.
Cord tensioner made of POM and stainless steel carabiner.

Net weight 99 g, shipping weight 180 g.

Fully assembled:
Sand peg, 42 cm: 1 pcs.
Polyester cord, Ø 3 mm, 16 strands: 2.1 m.
Cord tensioner: 1 pcs.
Stainless steel carabiner: 1 pcs.